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How do you live when your heart has been torn out of its cradle and smashed into tiny pieces all over the bathroom floor.... How do you pick youeself right up from the floor that's welcomed you with open arms?... Continue Reading →


A Review of Katherine Paterson’s ‘Bridge to Terabithia’…by EikÓJÖnwa

This is a coming of age novel that tells the story of Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jnr and Leslie Burke Jesse is a ten-year old kid, lonely amongst four sisters; two typical teenage girls and the other two too little. Even... Continue Reading →


Prompt: Write a nine-word story. Reply: I don't really care anymore, I'm tired, Fuck you. I'm a big advocate of less stress, more positivity, more peace of mind, less negativity... I believe anything or anyone that stresses you 'unreasonably' is... Continue Reading →

Girl Power

Until recently, it didn't occur to me that girls cheered each other on and were great support systems for each other. I'd always concluded they were drama queens and pompous sissies, the lot of them. Talkative, loud and clueless. Perhaps,... Continue Reading →


Everyone's got a thing; singing, dancing, painting...writing. Its just so sad that writing isn't always considered a 'thing', if you aren't famous. Or published, yet.  You have to scream and scream! 'Look, I'm a writer. Take me seriously.' And when... Continue Reading →

Let’s All Be Ants…

We should stop tearing each other down. Let's not be the cause of other people's tears.... Read up on the blog.

Giver’s Taker

I am writing this listening to Bruno Mars' 'Grenade' and screaming at my cream-coloured monstrosity of a wall...and if you think that's cute... Well, don't. There are two kinds of people (oh, there are much more numbers of people, but... Continue Reading →

A Review of Amy Tan’s ‘The Bonesetter’s Daughter, by EikÓJÖnwa

The book follows the life of Ruth, a ghostwriter, born to a Chinese woman and an American doctor who died when she was little girl.  It follows her frustration; growing with an uneducated Chinese mother who spoke little English in... Continue Reading →

Depression; A Slow Death…

The first time I saw him, he was laughing wildly. Loudly. Unashamedly. The last time I saw him, he was laughing again. Softly, this time. Like he was afraid something would break inside of him if he laughed out loud. ... Continue Reading →

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