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I Gave

I sold my soul for a smile. Never again.-Salziea I gave them everything I had. And they laughed. And called it nothing.


My Best Friend (Or Not)!

I used to have a friend, I'd give her all my warmth, And go to bed cold, I'd give her all my food, And go to bed hungry.                        ... Continue Reading →

The Love of my Life

The love of my life was 6ft tall, He had strong arms and a quick smile, He had fiery eyes and clarion voice, He walked with a swagger and talked with a lilt, He never had a hair out of... Continue Reading →

Save Yourself

        Save yourself          Little Girl,        Stop waiting for someone to come and save you,       You are on your own.              -Josephin August.

Loving Hate

​You always said you would come, And everyday, i am the kid in the candy store, Nose pressed to the window, But you always left, And all your words were just that, Promises .


    I loved him for his broken smile     And his broken wings     And the way he called me    'My little butterfly'.


Calmly, she slithered, The marshes rustled, The earth rumbled, Unpredictable.   The wind howled, The mountains echoed, The birds sang, Unpredictable.   © SALZIEA.

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