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If love is what injures us, how can we heal?- F is for Fugitive.   โ€˜Yara, you look really gaunt. Are you feeling quite alright?โ€™ I looked up at him. And smiled. โ€˜You were my food, Rab. But you were... Continue Reading →



I sought to see through her eyes, walk in her footsteps, and be a part of her life so that I could heal through her. What I found waiting was far better than anything I could imagine. And I never... Continue Reading →

Dream Writer by Ibrahim Jibril O.

Dream Writer Perturbed and distressed about writing lies my friend. Wallowing in the fantasy of becoming a renowned writer. In his innermost recess are rhetorical questions (incessant to him); can I write? Am I proficient in grammar? Where will writing... Continue Reading →

'With every hardship there is relief. Verily with every hardship there is relief'- Ash Sharh(Q94:5&6). This is easily one of my favorite verse of a Holy Book. It reminds us that after the rain comes sunshine. There is light at... Continue Reading →


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