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Chronicles of Yara

Truth or Dare

'I do not think you are telling the truth!' Rab cried as she pushed him out into the cold. She shrugged noncommittally. All she wanted at this point was to be left alone.  To cry. To mourn. To wallow in self... Continue Reading →


YARA- Never Have I Ever

'Never have I ever disrespected a person.' I said. 'Yar. You implied your roommate was a dumb bitch just yesterday.' Ran cried. I sighed as I rowed harder. 'That doesn't even count. I didn't even state it expressly.' 'I can't... Continue Reading →

Save Yourself

        Save yourself          Little Girl,        Stop waiting for someone to come and save you,       You are on your own.              -Josephin August.

She Said

'Yar. Don't let me go. Please, just a little more. I promise it'll be okay.' I smiled wistfully. 'An old friend of mine used to say 'what you don't want, you don't watch.' And I walked away. Because I couldn't... Continue Reading →


What are men to rocks and mountains- Pride and Prejudice. ‘Rab?’ ‘Yes?’ ‘Put on your sunglasses.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because I can see all the way down to your soul. And you know what I see?’ ‘What?’ ‘Nothing.’

A Wish

Let your life lightly dance on the edge of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf- Rabindranth Tagore.   'Look,'he said, pointing skywards, 'A shooting star.' Yara looked towards the direction he was pointing, turning slightly. 'Make a... Continue Reading →


I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart; I am, I am, I am- The Bell Jar 'Every law student is proud' 'I'm not.' He smiled his quiet and barely-there smile. 'But your clothes... Continue Reading →


'How are you, honey?', the nurse asked. 'I've got this wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach. My gut. My chest. Everywhere.' 'You're sick, Yar.' 'No. I'm dying.'

The Friday Curse by Onuh-Yahaya, Z.

After the rapture of love comes the wreckage- O is for Outlaw   So, it’s Friday. My worst day of the week. It really should be my best because: 1. I get to wear something else apart from the almighty... Continue Reading →

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