As a huge fan of Mystery/Thriller, I was and still am blown away by the craft that is the Kinsey Millhone series; witty, funny and captivating. From ‘A is for Alibi’ down to ‘W is for Waterloo’ , I applaud Sue Grafton’s mastery of action with a slice of charm.

And in anticipation of the final three letters, I am sharing some of my favourite Kinsey quotes.

1. Some debts of the human soul are so enormous only life itself is sufficient forfeit ~ D is for Deadbeat.

2. There’s a certain class of people who will do you in and then remain completely mystified by the depth of your pain ~ D is for Deadbeat.

3. You try to keep life simple bit it never works, and in the end all you have left is yourself ~ A is for Alibi.

4. Revisiting history. Its something we al do. You repent your sins and in memory, you start cleaning up your past. Pretty soon, you’re convinced you weren’t nearly as bad as everyone said. The other guy was a jerk but you had good reasons for anything you did. Its all bunk, of course. But which of us can stand to take a look at ourselves? We whitewash. Its human nature ~ M is for Malice.

5. The hard thing about death is nothing ever changes. The hard thing about life is nothing stays the same ~ J is for Judgement.

6. Some people influence us that way. Their sojourn is brief but their influence is profound ~ M is for Malice.

7. If love is what injures us, how can we heal? ~ F is for Fugitive.

8. After the rapture of love comes the wreckage ~ O is for Outlaw.

9. Time, of course, only runs in one direction and it seems to do so in an orderly progression. Here in the blank and stony present, we’re shielded from the knowledge of the dangers that await us, protected from the future horrors through blind innocence ~ N is for Noose.

10. The mistakes of other people are usually patently obvious. Our own are tougher to recognize ~ R is for Ricochet.

There you have it! 10 amazing quotes from the Kinsey Millhone A-Z series by Sue Grafton. If you haven’t read any, I hope these quotes inspire you to, because really, its a wonderful collection.

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