I remember I once mentioned to a friend there was a song for every situation. And I am almost certain that if I ever have to argue a case in court, I’d be pelting out lyrics to support my cause(not likely, but I’d like to imagine the legal system would be far more concerned with the lesson than the source. While we’re at it, might I also mention that I once used a lyric from Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean’ to explain the concept of consent in rape for a criminal law class? Yep, I did).

So. I’ve made a playlist (circa 2014-17) for certain situations. Be sure to add yours!

1. When your ex invites you to her wedding:

New Man- Ed Sheeran.

-Send My Love- Adele.

2. And if it happens that you’re still in love with said ex:

Bambi- Jidenna.

-When I was your Man- Bruno Mars.

-Jealous – Nick Jonas.

3. When you see that high school teacher who said you wouldn’t amount to nothing:

Congratulations- Post Malone.

-Reminder- The Weeknd

4. When you’re on social media and you see someone yapping:
-Humble- Kendrick Lamar.

5. When your friends do you dirty and now they’re your ex-friends:

No Frauds- Nicki Minaj ft. Drake, Lil Wayne.

-Energy- Drake.

6. When the devil wants to push you to call that ex who’s an asshole:

Sorry- Beyonce.

7. When you’re High on Sugar:

 Panda- Designer.

-Bad and Bougee- Migos, Lil Uzi Vert.

-Gorilla- Bruno Mars.

8. When you’re on savage mode:

Needed Me- Rihanna

-Formation- Beyonce

9. When you wanna dance but don’t wanna dance:

– Used to This-Future ft.Drake

-I’m The One- DJ Khaled ft J.B, Chance the rapper, Quavo, Lil Wayne.

-Party- Chris Brown ft. Gucci Mane

– That’s What I Like- Bruno Mars

10. When you are sad and you wanna to listen to sad music to make yourself sadder:

 Supermarket Flowers- Ed Sheeran.

– Dark Times- The Weeknd ft. Ed Sheeran.

-Work Song- Hozier

-Like Real People Do- Hozier

-Sound of Silence- Disturbed…

11. When you need your crush to know you have a PhD in stalking:

Every Breath you Take- The Police.

12. When you have a paper to submit tomorrow and you need to concentrate but you also need music:

– Ave Maria- Schubert

Pandora- Hans Zimmer.

13. When you don’t wanna be a hoe no more and you want your crush to know you ain’t joking this time:

-Playboy- Trey Songz

14. When you have an exam the next day and you’re thinking how less stressful life was compared to now:

 Stressed Out- Twenty One Pilots.

15. When you want your crush to know you’re low maintenance:

Cheap Thrills- Sia.

16. When your hair’s covered and someone wants to see how you’ve styled it( for all the muslimahs):

Don’t Touch My Hair- Solange.

17. If you had to have a ringtone for your ex:

– Shutout to my ex- Little Mix.

-Hotline Bling- Drake

18. When you want a song to remind you your ex still ain’t shit:

Love Yourself- Justin Bieber

-Holy Grail- JayZ, J.T

19. When you wanna make sure the person you wanna sub catches their sub without confusion (take cues from):

SheTher- Remy Ma.

-Kindly Reminder- Passenger.

20. When your crush is sending mixed signals:

What Do You Mean-Justin Beiber.

-Dive- Ed Sheeran

21. When you need your fling to know its really not that deep:

 Company- Tinashe

-Company- Justin Bieber.

22. For a bit of nostalgia:

 The Man Who Cannot Be Moved- The Script

-Luxury- Jon Bellion

-Sedated- Hozier

-Scared to be Lonely- Martin Garrix

23. When you need a musical boost/encouragement:

 The Greatest- Sia

-Rise- Katy Perry.

-Just Hold on- Steve Aoki.

24. Rest assured, this is the only way I’m announcing my engagement:

Fool in Love- Rihanna

25. When you get that winged eyeliner right and you look good enough to eat:

Bon Apetit – Katy Perry, Migos.

Now…you’ve got a song for every situation too. Thank me later.