Until recently, it didn’t occur to me that girls cheered each other on and were great support systems for each other. I’d always concluded they were drama queens and pompous sissies, the lot of them. Talkative, loud and clueless. Perhaps, it came from spending too much time around boys, perhaps it was my own inner sense of importance stemming from my overfed, overgrown, overly indulged ego, I know not. But, that was what I thought. It certainly didn’t help that I was termed ‘one of the boys’ by all my male buddies.

But I felt it was swell, not being associated with the gossipy, fragile lot. Until now. I’ve met girls that have made me cower; if I hadn’t spent so much time building my self-esteem, I’d be threatened. Smart, beautiful, and smart again. 

And in one word, I was humbled. Of course, there are still gossip girls, but there are also smart girls. And the girl power is so amazing. Girls I don’t know would compliment me; from boys, it was normal, or so I thought. But, girls? I was shook. 

Girl power is amazing. That’s just all I want to say. Cheering other girls on, complimenting them, being there for them…is just so beautiful. And I’m here for that!🙌