You’d probably think its crazy, but yes. I looked at the ants.

It was midnight. And I was tiptoeing around the kitchen, searching for food, because yes, I’m that person.

As I sat at the table, chewing on my sandwich and trying to make as little noise as possible, I saw the ant. Tiny little thing. I wouldn’t even have noticed it if it wasn’t upon the white countertop. Dragging something; probably from dinner (little wonder I was hungry again; the ant carted off my share!).

Anyways, chewing steadily, I watched it drag off the crumb which outweighed him. Perhaps, it was tiredness. Or the hopelessness of its situation, but it stopped. And just stood there(Well, I assumed it was standing. Don’t ask how I know).

I kinda felt pity for the poor thing. Standing there all alone. With a feast he cannot take home. What if it has a wife and kids? Or what if it doesn’t and just wants to take dinner to his friends? Or the orphanage? 

I’d no sooner turned to the sink to get a drink of water when other ants appeared. Its like he called them on the phone or something. Or tweeted at them. Idk. But they were there. And together, they carted off their goodies.

Anyone who’d seen me standing there, faded PJ’s, sleepy eyes and hair sticking out would probably think a but just loosened or something. And the huge grin plastered on my face wouldn’t have helped either.

But, I was happy for that little ant and its buddies. They came through for it! And that’s what friendship should be about. That’s what family should be about. Call me? I’ll be there. Always. I’ll come through for you.

And, those ants might not even be buddies. Maybe, they just saw a fellow ant stranded and in need of help and decided to help. And humans call themselves civilized. Let’s be our brothers’ keepers. Let’s respect friendship and relationships. And just understand that we should be there for one another, no matter the circumstances.

Let’s be ants…
What do you think? 

Oh, and I don’t know about ant technogy and all of that, but if you’re the ant in my kitchen and you’re reading this…well, I’m proud of you and your buddies. So little, yet you taught me a whole lot.🙌

P.S; stay away from my kitchen. Stop depriving me of my dinner ration😒

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