It’s 2017. The ‘Are you a feminist’ question is getting old. 

Barely 20 weeks into the year and I’ve been asked that question an average of twenty times; that is at least once every week.

Some few weeks ago, a very dear old friend of mine asked a question about ‘a husband and wife- where the wife earns five times more than the husband, who should resign to take care of the kids?’. And I gave the logical answer- the husband, of course. Because, definitely the family needs income to survive. And he posed the question; are you a feminist?

In one of my #RedefiningRapeCulture articles from last month, some unknown person emailed me to ask the ‘are you a feminist’ question.

Two weeks ago where a random customer at the bank called me ‘pretty with no brains’ and I dared to defend myself, I was called a feminist.

But, excuse me! How does a normal logical conclusion about why the woman should keep her job because she earns more make me a feminist? How does campaigning for a female’s right to her body not be abused make me a feminist? How does standing up for myself because I deserve a little respect make me a feminist?

No! These simple things DO NOT make me a feminist! It makes me a PERSON with a voice, albeit a female!

Misogyny has permeated deep into our society that when a woman simply stands up for something, says something,anything, she is termed rebellious, uncouth, savage… And now, the modern term, feminist. God forbid a woman has a voice. God forbid she uses it! That is the dictates of our society.

And I have come to the logical conclusion that misogynists fear feminism because it means a woman can now speak. A woman can now stand. A woman can now demand! For respect as a human being. 

So, to all the feminists out there; beautiful, strong people; I salute you for standing up to something. To all the men folk who are unashamed of standing up for women and pronouncing themselves feminists, you have done well for yourselves.

Its the 21st century. And like Adichie said, we should all be feminists.
What are your views? Have you been called feminist condescendingly because you dared to stand up for something? What was your response? How have you fared as a woman in work, school, or society generally?

Drop your comments ,please do.

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