Sooooo…. Its 2017. And Ed Sheeran has blessed us (or maybe just me) with a new album. And since it dropped last week, my earphones haven’t been plugged out!

Like! Is Ed Sheeran even human? How is this album so good? There is a song for every mood. Personally, I think he outdid himself. 

So, with 16 songs including Shape of You, Castle on the Hill and How Would You Feel (Paean), the album has topped the UK Albums Charts with over 500,000 downloads and still counting!

So, basically, this is my reaction to the album:

1. Bibia Be Ye Ye: ‘…In the pocket of my jeans are coins and broken dreams…’

This track makes me wanna let go and dance and also cry at the same time. But, more of dance. Its amazing beat might make you wanna sleep on the lyrics. But don’t. Issa scam!

2. Barcelona: I have one word. Damn.

Dear Ed Sheeran, I would pay to dance with you in Barcelona. This is easily one of my favourite tracks from this album. I read reviews online where Spanish folks said the Spanish part was meaningless. But guys, chill a bit, like seriously. Its a fun song! And for me, this is like another part to Ed Sheeran. I mean, not every time make me cry, sometimes, make me laugh and jiggle and pretend I’m dancing on the streets of Barcelona.

No, but seriously, I can’t wait for the music video. I envy the girl already.

3. Dive: This song, according to my brother, is for guys that have been friend zoned. Lol. But, I’m a girl and it reminds me of crushing. There is no lyric more relatable than ‘And I’ve been known to give my all, and jump in harder than 10,000 rocks on a lake…’ Kinda reminds you of stalking your crush,and having an alternate universe where you guys are married with half a a dozen kids. Or its just me feeling that way?

4. Eraser: ‘And I’ll find comfort in my pain’. This track keeps me singing along while thinking about life, really.

5. Galway Girl: Another dance song. It just reminds me of love that has ‘opposites’ written all over it, with the lyric ‘she played the fill in an Irish band, but she fell in love with an English man.’

6. Happier: Guys! You ever let a good girl go and regret it when its too late? This is the song for you. I’m not a guy, but Ed Sheeran made me feel like one who’d just let his girl go when he crooned ‘Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you but ain’t nobody love you like I do..’

7. Hearts Don’t Break: ‘She is the sweetest thing that I know…’ This track made me hug my pillow and pelt the lyrics along. It just speaks volumes about how he is in a real lovely relationship. Which is more than I can say for myself! But, hearts don’t break around here!

8. Nancy Mulligan: Look, I’ll tell the truth. This track made me wish I was a fly in the wall during the times of William Sheeran and Nancy Mulligan. What a beautiful love story. I thought only Nicholas Sparks was capable of such love story. But, Ed just keeps surprising me! I don’t even know Nancy Mulligan, but he made me feel like she was my grandmother too!

9. New Man: Okay guys, huddle up. ‘He’s got his eyebrows plucked and his asshole bleached’. Really, Ed? I felt this track was Ed telling us all he isn’t above being petty! Because, yeah ‘I don’t wanna know about your new man.’ Still, it was a nice track.

10. Perfect: Ah. This track, Ed himself, said he wanted to up Thinking out Loud with. And, it kinda did. This song is on a new dimension. Ed took me places with this track. ‘I found a woman, stronger than any I know… She shares my dreams and I hope someay I share hers…. We were still kids when we soared in love, fighting against all odds… I see my future in your eyes…’ Need I say more? It was perfect.

11. Save Myself: This is me in a song. From start to finish. It just speaks so much about giving so much to people and getting nothing in return but heartache. ‘And all the ones that love me, they just left me on a shelf, no farewell…. I gave you all my energy and took away your pain…’ It just describes how much we bleed ourselves dry for our loved ones on a daily basis. ‘But before I save someone else, I’ve got to save myself’. That’s all the advice we really need. 

12. Supermarket Flowers: okay, this song? The fact that ‘Barcelona’ came after it made me feel like Ed wanted us to dry our tears as we dance.  Very emotional. He sings about losing his grandmother in the most tearjerking way possible. ‘You were an angel in the shape of my mum. When I fell down, you’d be there holding me up… Spread your wings as you go and when God takes you back, He’d say hallelujah, you’re home…’ I cried for my late Gramp here…

13. What Do I Know: Okay, this one? Easily one of my favourites. I can’t wait for someone to comment on how much weight I’m adding so I can sing ‘Life is much more than fitting in your jeans. Its love and understanding, positivity.’ Really, Ed, I ship you on this one, love really can change the world in a moment. And, man, you do know a lot! Have you heard yourself sing??? 

14. Castle on the Hill: This one is a jam! I played this all the way from school down to my home because really ‘I can’t wait to go home.’

15. Shape of You: Yassssss! Be in love with the shape of your lover. Tall, short, fat, thin. Whatever. ‘I’m in love with the shape of you… I’m in love with your body.’

16. How Would You Feel: This one I have no words for. It is everything I expected Ed Sheeran to bless me with and more. Lyrics extraordinaré. Calm, cool, collected. Amazing vocals. Beautiful love song.

Have you heard the album ‘Divide’? What’s your favourite track? And your favourite lyrics? Don’t forget to drop a comment!

And if you haven’t,you can download it here .