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March 2017


Everyone's got a thing; singing, dancing, painting...writing. Its just so sad that writing isn't always considered a 'thing', if you aren't famous. Or published, yet.  You have to scream and scream! 'Look, I'm a writer. Take me seriously.' And when... Continue Reading →


Let’s All Be Ants…

We should stop tearing each other down. Let's not be the cause of other people's tears.... Read up on the blog.

Giver’s Taker

I am writing this listening to Bruno Mars' 'Grenade' and screaming at my cream-coloured monstrosity of a wall...and if you think that's cute... Well, don't. There are two kinds of people (oh, there are much more numbers of people, but... Continue Reading →

A Review of Amy Tan’s ‘The Bonesetter’s Daughter, by EikÓJÖnwa

The book follows the life of Ruth, a ghostwriter, born to a Chinese woman and an American doctor who died when she was little girl.  It follows her frustration; growing with an uneducated Chinese mother who spoke little English in... Continue Reading →

Depression; A Slow Death…

The first time I saw him, he was laughing wildly. Loudly. Unashamedly. The last time I saw him, he was laughing again. Softly, this time. Like he was afraid something would break inside of him if he laughed out loud. ... Continue Reading →


You stole the sparkle off of my shine, And trampled doggedly upon my soul. You belittled my humanity, And abused my frailty. Now you stand there, Washed clean from the waters of your redemption to call me unforgiving? I will... Continue Reading →

The Feminist Cloud

It's 2017. The 'Are you a feminist' question is getting old.  Barely 20 weeks into the year and I've been asked that question an average of twenty times; that is at least once every week. Some few weeks ago, a... Continue Reading →

Truth or Dare

'I do not think you are telling the truth!' Rab cried as she pushed him out into the cold. She shrugged noncommittally. All she wanted at this point was to be left alone.  To cry. To mourn. To wallow in self... Continue Reading →

Sooooo.... Its 2017. And Ed Sheeran has blessed us (or maybe just me) with a new album. And since it dropped last week, my earphones haven't been plugged out! Like! Is Ed Sheeran even human? How is this album so... Continue Reading →

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