Today was an eventful day. I learnt…that sometimes, things are not what they seem. And that we should be grateful for family. Sisters, especially.

I’d waited thirteen years for a little sister. And I remember… I remember how beautiful she was. And tiny. So fragile. I loved her immediately. I’d take her everywhere, and sometimes, some persons would think I was a teen mom. Lol.

Today… I learnt something from my now seven-year old sister.

 I’d helped her to loosen her hair, a few hours ago. Washed it up. And dried it while we chatted; I never get to chat with her anymore, my little girl, since school and life took over me. So, we talked about random stuffs; her favourite Nickelodeon show, her favourite song and her school friends. I felt the kind of love I did when I held her in my arms, all pink and potato-like, seven years ago.

The moment passed quickly though. And I went back to being consumed by life. Tonight, however, after making dinner, I was tidying up when she came into the kitchen, as tiny as can be.

‘Zee, where are the noodles packs’? She asked.

‘In the trash. In the backyard.’ I answered dismissively and concentrated on the sink.

After doing the dishes, however, she still wasn’t back.

‘Ata!’ I yelled. ‘If you don’t get in here now, I’m gonna lock you out!’ I yelled( I yell quite a lot).

‘Just a second’, she called.

She didn’t take s second though. Neither did she take a minute. More like five minutes. I was mighty pissed now.

‘I’m locking you out’, I threatened, dangling the keys.

Seemingly, she found what she wanted. And laughing excitedly, ran in.

I hissed quietly as I locked the doors. And turned to find her grinning at me.

‘What’? I snapped.

She brought her hand out from behind her then. And gave me this noodles pack with a ‘Sister like no other’ logo.

‘You looked like that as you made my hair today, Zee.’ She said as she pointed at the pack with a girl helping out a smaller girl with her hair.’ I know how much you love staring at your computer screen. Thanks for helping me loosen my hair. You’re the bestest sister ever.’

I was shook. Too shook to say a thing as she skipped out.

Today, I learnt a valuable lesson; life comes at you fast. And sometimes, drop your phone, shut down your computer, come back home. Because, in the end, that’s all that really matters. These moments. That may never come back.