Okay, so I’m writing this because of the replies I got on my previous post on being single. You haven’t seen it? Check it here. And thank you guys for all your feedbacks! Its cheered me up every single time!

So, back to the original matter. I have talked about how to stop trying to force yourself into a relationship. And someone asked ‘but how do you actually stay happy?’

Look, its not easy not being in love. I’m a big art fan. And most of my friends aren’t. So, its really depressing sometimes not having ‘your person’ to share these stuffs with. Oh, I discovered a great artist? I just scream in my head and bounce on my bed. No one to scream ‘I love this song’ at. No one to cuddle up to in the cinema to watch ‘Pitch Perfect’ or even ‘Mad Max’.😪

Nah, its kinda depressing. So, how do I stay happy?

1.Stay busy. Believe me, in between classes, homework, blogging, writing, reading, being a friend, a daughter, an elder sister and a ‘maid’, its tough to think about how single you are.

2. Be comfortable in your own skin. You don’t have to go all sad and moody when you see a cute couple. Smile. Call them cute. And ‘waka pass'(it’s a Nigerian term for walk past). Nobody likes a grumpy single pringle.

3. Its not the end of the world. This is probably for people who were in a relationship but broke up with their better half. I have a friend who puts up with her jerk of a boyfriend because she has a phobia for being single. Look at me, I always tell her, am I dead?

4. Find something that makes you happy. And do it. Live it.

Other tips, especially, for the cinema? I buy a huge bowl of popcorn and cuddle up to it. Try it. Works perfectly😂

And finally, spend more time with your family. Really, I didn’t even know my brother and I had similar tastes in music. See?

Being single is NOT the end of the world. Neither is it a disability.

And to all those persons who gasp and shake their head when you say you single, imma soon deck you. And to the other group who argue and say ‘you too fine to be single’.Are we competing? Is there a prize to be won?  Puhleaseeee😪 it’s my single. Not yours. Why are you arguing? Ehn? Please, let me be single in peace. Don’t stress me into explaining and trying to prove that I really am single.😏 Mind yourself!

Lol. We good? Do you have some tips on how to be a happy single pringle? Let me know pleaseeee! Drop a comment!

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