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February 2017

Sadness Is a Poem

I am something special, Or wait, am I? I am something beautiful, No wait, am I? I am something happy, Yes? Am I really? Four pairs of sunken eyes, Broken glass and empty promises, My laughter trapped on the other... Continue Reading →


A ‘Sister Like No Other’ Story

Today was an eventful day. I learnt...that sometimes, things are not what they seem. And that we should be grateful for family. Sisters, especially. I'd waited thirteen years for a little sister. And I remember... I remember how beautiful she... Continue Reading →


Repost this to #RedefineRapeCulture!

#LetsRedefineRapeCulture: Diary of a Rape Victim #2

Never has a rape victim 'asked for it'. Rather than blame the victim, why don't we start blaming the perpetrators? #LetsRedefineRapeCulture #CampaignBySalziea2017 Connect on social media using the hashtag #LetsRedefineRapeCulture... Connect with me on Twitter @salziea, Instagram @salziea_ and Facebook at ...

#LetsRedefineRapeCulture: Diary of a Rape Victim 1

​Dear diary, Today, I was raped.  I went to Akin’s house for the French assignment. We had laughed when Mrs Jean had given it to us last week. Something about clauses and tenses. We were Nigerians. How were we supposed... Continue Reading →

Diary of a Rape Victim

Connect on social media using the hashtag #LetsRedefineRapeCulture... Rape should NOT be cloaked in secrecy! Let's speak out today!

Diary of a Rape Victim

Rape should not be cloaked in secrecy. Let victims speak up. Let parents and guardians let their wards who have been raped speak up! #LetsRedefineRapeCulture...

There Are Two Kinds of People

Another story from 'Chronicles of Yara'. There are two kinds of people; those who have accepted the reality of dying, and those who haven't.


Don't come into my life, don't want to stay. But also, Don't stay... want to leave. EikÓJÖnwa

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