Why should I be? No, but really, why should everyone be like you? Why should I be sorry for being too loud, or too smart, or too dumb, or too quiet. Stop interrupting my grinding!

When would humans understand that just coz you’re in a particular way doesn’t mean everyone should too. You like the way you are? Cool. Doesn’t mean everyone should be that same way.

Please, let’s accept the uniqueness of every single person we come in contact with. The fact that you’re organized doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t have the right to be clumsy and uncluttered. The fact that you’re smart doesn’t mean someone else cannot be not-so-smart in peace.

Let’s live and let live. Let’s tolerate the next person. We’ve all got our own beautiful,beautiful personalities. And life would be so much easier if everyone accepts that.

The next person who gives me the shit bout any so-called ‘personality’, I swear imma pull a Beyonce and go ‘middle fingers up, wipe it on their faces and go boy bye’.

I’m an unapologetic sanguine and sometimes I’m really loud and chatty and all over the place. And I’ve got a great support system in my friends who motivate and grind me towards getting stuffs done when I’m in a lazy mood. I also have a blend of melancholy and sometimes I just want to be left alone to brood with some sad music and my pillow. And all I’ve really wanted is for people to understand that all I want at that moment is peace. Don’t call me ‘pathetic’ or ‘proud’ or ‘confused’. It’s hard enough to be a blend of two opposite personalities. Don’t give me more stress.

Sometimes, I think we should all actually try to put ourselves in others shoes and walk a mile in it before judging. The hardest thing about emotions is how invisible it is. Someone can be dying right next to you emotionally and you won’t know!

So, let’s stop making people apologize for who they are.

I love to hear your thoughts. Are you a sanguine, choleric, melancholy or sanguine? Drop your comments.