So,  after yesterday’s post,my friend hit me up to write an open letter to the boys. I am not a boy,  I laughed. But,he insisted. And since I’ve got a baby brother whom I’m always telling to do this and do that, I guess I know a little bit about boys to give valid advice👔👖👕. And my grandma used to say, if you know one, you know them all. 

So,to all the boys I’ve loved before. And to those I still love, I’ve got this to say;

First, I am so proud of how you guys are a great support system. Don’t ever let anything get in the way of that. Listen to your homeboys. I swear,  boys are… well, dense, sometimes,but they do make a good point from time to time. So, listen to them. 

Secondly, guys, guys… Let’s stop the ‘bros before hoes’ thingy. It’s getting old. Not to mention lame. You can’t cuddle up to your bro, you idiot. Treat your girls right. Protect her. Love her. Have your boy time. Note, I’m not saying drop your bros for your girl. But, fix up your time. Don’t ever make your girl feel like she’s in a competition with your friends for your time and attention. Strike a balance. 

Thirdly, if you hit a lady,  you’re trash. I don’t care. DONT HIT A GIRL!  got it? And don’t even try any form of bodily harm or molestation or assault. 

Fourthly, don’t label girls. I swear imma learn Kung Fu so I can deck the next guy that says ‘she a hoe’.

Fifthly, don’t be a lazyass. It’s not cool at all 😑😠😬 Get up and do stuffs around the house. 

Sixthly, YOU WONT DIE IF YOU KEEP YOUR ROOM CLEAN!  My brother always goes out looking fly and all, but his dirty towels are on the floor. C’mon, guys, not cool. Keep your living space clean, please. 

Finally,learn to cook. It comes in handy. Whether it’s to impress a girl or just to survive, learn anyways. 

I love you, you know that, right? 


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