This is an open letter to all the girls I’ve loved before. I might still be in love with you. Or not. 

It’s been three years I’ve lived in a girls’ hostel. And it’s been one hell of a roller coaster. I’ve met the Mean Girls,  the sweet girls, the wild cards, the wildcats, the wicked witches of the west, the church girls,  the mosque girls. A whole lot of girls… And I’ve loved some. Unloved a few. And plain disliked others. And ‘I’ve seen things… ‘ And I really just wanna talk about it. 

First and foremost, my dear girls, you really won’t die if you don’t talk about other girls. I swear,  you won’t. Talk about fashion, celebrities,  your crushes, school work, movies, music. Anything. Just DON’T TALK ABOUT OTHER GIRLS.  I mean, wheres the solidarity in that? Try it. It doesn’t kill you,  I promise. 

Secondly, let’s be a great support system for our fellow girls. Render help where you can. Give a word of advice where you can. Or even just a smile. It goes a long way. 

Thirdly, and most importantly, IF YOU’VE GOT NOTHING GOOD TO SAY,  DON’T SAY ANYTHING.  For Heaven’s sake, if you’ve got nothing good to say to another girl,  then keep that mouth shut! Don’t say ‘hey,that shirt looks horrible on you. Your makeup is just not right. ‘ DON’T ✋ . Because, I swear, imma deck you if I catch you saying that! SO,  now. When next you got something mean-girly to say,  raise your hand and place it firmly over that mouth of yours. Got it? 

Fourthly, what you don’t say in front of your home girl, you got no business saying behind her back. Don’t be a pussy! Say it with yo chest! If it’s a piece of advice or constructive criticism,  she gon love you for it. It shows you care and want the best for her. 

And finally, WTF is malice? I swear,  imma slap yo head back to it’s default settings if I catch yo ass. You got a problem with your girl? Walk up to her and say ‘hey,  I don’t like this. Don’t do that’. What’s not talking to her mean? Stop that,  please. It’s not becoming. 

Also, we are girls, please. Let’s treat ourselves right. Be a great support network. Don’t push your fellow girls away. Don’t be a snob. Don’t be a lazyass. Eat. Drink. Sleep. And  slay, my darlings. 


I always love to hear from you guys. You got a piece of advice for all the girls you love? Drop a comment.

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