‘And I’m thinking bout how… People fall in love in mysterious ways… ‘

I remember being teased about being single. So much so my nickname has become ‘single pringle’. 😂  It gets old, you know,  always been at the receiving end of a roast about single people. And with my kind of friends,  it happens always. Say,  once or twice a week .

The last time I complained about this to my older cousin,  she smiled and said ‘You are still way too young to be concerned about stuffs like that’. I didn’t have the heart to scowl at her and say what was really on my mind. So,  I nodded.  Coward that I am,  I know. 

But you know what I really think?  That your 20’s is the hardest time to be single. Everyone around you is dating someone. Some are thinking about forever. Some are in it for the good time. Some are planning a wedding! And there you are,  the single friend.  You don’t have to tell me. I know. It’s hard.  Damn,  it’s so hard! 

With the current trend of ‘bae’and instagram selfies of cute couples,  the 21st century is probably one of the hardest times to be single in your 20s. No one to call and whisper sweet nothings to,  no one to share your playlist with,  no one to cuddle up to and see a movie. And when there’s  a hangout sesh, you’re the ‘one-man mopol ‘ in the midst of lovely couples. As if that isn’t bad enough,  your friends would try to set you up on blind dates. Or even better,  tell their boyfriends to invite another single friend so you’re not the pathetic spinster in the party. 

Talking about single friends of boyfriends, you ever noticed guys don’t get as much stress about their love life like ladies do?  😃

Anyways, I’ve endured all these. I’ve made every damn effort to leave the single zone, it just didn’t work. And today, I realized you don’t need a relationship to complete you. Or identify you. Or define you. Or make you happy,  even. 

Maybe we find love right where we are’

Have you ever thought maybe,  that it’s because you are not comfortable being single is why your friends are doing everything within their power to get you hooked up? And teasing you non-stop?  I know that was why my friends were! 

If you’re in this situation (I know I can’t be the only one, lol), then I guess I can give a little advice.  And here’s the simple thing I did; I got myself involved in other activities which made me happy, I was meeting new people both online and offline. I had something to look forward to. Something else to think about apart from the pathetic state of my love life. Oh,  it was glorious! It is glorious! And all these I did without any thought as to an interest in relationship or whatever. What I mean is normally, after meeting a new guy, I’d evaluate him as a potential boyfriend. 

It suprised me how happy I was when I stopped doing that.  I was living. I wasn’t expecting anything. I wasn’t looking to fall in love. Note that,  I am not opposed to falling in love and starting a relationship,  but in the meantime,  I am not!  So,  why mop about?  Just live it and enjoy it! You need not carry a ‘Hey, look. I’m single’placard on your forehead. 

Like the saying goes,  the best things in life come when you’re not looking for it. So,  my fellow single pringles, let’s let love find us… 😆☀☁☁☁☁☁☁☁












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