First and foremost, this isn’t a sub. I’m no pussy! If I’ve got a problem with you, believe me, imma tell you to yo face. So, don’t get it twisted and don’t flatter yourself! 

The phrase ‘say it with your chest’ I first got from my brother. It happened the day I kept murmuring my displeasure around the house. And he looked straight at me and went ‘You’re too old to be muttering. Say it with your chest’.

And later I did find out it was from Kevin Hart’s comedy.

Now, ‘Say it with your chest’ simply means say it out loud. Direct. The way it is. Like you mean it. No sidetalks. No cutting corners. No sugarcoating. Say it as it is. And stand up tall.Are you mad at someone? Are you displeased? Do you have a crush? Say it with your chest!

Its the year 2017. 21st century. Why the hell are you muttering? What are you sugarcoating? Why are you going on and on indirectly? Why are you insulting someone using innuendos? Why are you backbiting a person? If you can’t say something to a person’s face, believe me, you have no business saying it to his/her back. That’s just plain cowardice!

So, something happened a few weeks ago where a friend of mine was going on and on about ‘someone’, ‘a person’ did something wrong to her. And I went ‘Giiirl. A person? Someone? That ain’t nobody’s name. Go over to this person and say ‘Look, here’s what you did’… For crying out loud, this is 2017! Say it with your chest!

Right now, I’m just at this stage where I don’t understand indirects or better still, call it innuendo. If you don’t say it to my face, i swear its irrelevant AF. And you are irrelevant AF too. Because, dear sir/madam, if you can’t say it with your chest, you have no business saying it at all! 

So, to all the pussies out there who like to use phrases like ‘who did this’, ‘someone did this’,’a person’ blah blah… Say it with your chest!

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