So, this week, churches around Nigeria mourned victims of the Southern Kaduna killings. Pictures floated around Social media. Bodies decapacitated, heads cut off, children brutalized, houses burnt down, people screaming, running, burnt alive. It was horrible. 

Everyday around the world, we are reminded of how underrated safety is, both on the national and international levels. Every second as we crank up our TV, we see atrocities;racial killings, religious killings, war crimes, insurgency,slaughter, extermination….Genocide…Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man. People are maimed, killed, thrown out of their homestead. It is a fact as old as man himself; from the Armenian genocide to the World Wars.

Recently, we have had Aleppo which was the centre of the World attention,and down here in Nigeria; the Book Haram insurgence, Niger Delta militants, Southern Kaduna, Akwa Ibom crashings and a whole lot. 

Everyday, the average Nigerian prays ‘Dear Lord, not today..Not again’.

Its amazing the number of people who spent and are still spending their days in IDP camps. Others who are still living the horror.

Today, I am safe. My family and friends are safe. And I am grateful for that.

And to everyone who has lost a person or two to any disaster, may you be granted strength to bear the loss.

#PrayForAleppo… #PrayForSouthernKaduna.

What are you grateful for today?

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