Hi guys… I missed my post schedule, I’m sorry. Exams.

So, the past few days were rough kinda. I was in a perpetual state of panic; I had to be ready for exams, I had to balance reading and eating and sleeping and just living. Sometimes, its overwhelming. This urge to do everything perfectly. To make mama proud. To prove uncle wrong. To give little sister someone and something to look up to. Just trying to stay afloat. Trying not to break down.

So, after these trials, I am grateful for the strength to pull back up. Grateful for every smile that came just right in time, every laughter, every kind word, every kind gesture… 

Our own inner strength is sometimes very underrated. Today, I am here to tell you that you have no idea what you are capable of! You are a god unto yourself. You’ve got you. And when you feel everyone else is gone, you’ve got you!

What are you grateful for today? Be sure to drop your comments…

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