So,I almost didn’t make today’s post.

And while I was grateful for home yesterday… I also am, today. 

See, I travelled down to school today for the completion of the semester. Travelling, really, is an experience. We passed through the upstate, sophisticated townhouses where old men and women in silk tracksuits jogged just before the start of the day. We passed below bridges where women were huddled beneath their worn-out shawls with their babies strapped to their backs. We passed the slums where young boys were standing deep in the mud-infested waters washing out their bikes. All these I took in, amazed, at how comfortable these people looked. Going about their daily business.

And finally I got to school. And to my hostel. Here’s what you need to know about my hostel. Its a small room. Now, I’m not good with calculations, so I’m gonna give a description instead. It probably has as much space as a minivan. And I’ve got to share this tiny space with six more people. Seven, actually, but earlier in the semester, we lost one of our roomates to the cold cold hands of death.

So now. Seven people in that little a space? Terrible. Things get taken out of their space. Things get missing. Noise. Dirt. Different odds and ends. Little or no privacy. Its terrible. Or so I thought.

Today, as I relished the feel of the banter that passed back and forth between us, the laughter and even the arguments, I realized there was no where I’d rather be.

And I am grateful. Grateful for a roof over my head. For that little space up the bunk. For roommates that have become family. For this pile of mattress I lie on. For the blanket over me. For home.

What are you grateful for? I always love to hear your thoughts. Be sure to drop your comments.

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