To me, home was never a place. It was a feeling. It was the way the people I loved said my name. It was the sound of my mother’s footsteps and the roar of my father’s laughter. It was the taste of love and the drone of acceptance. It was the glare of mercy and the echo of forgiveness. It was shelter. It was fulfillment. But above all else, it was love.

-Onuh-Yahaya, Z.

Today, I am grateful for home. For the love and the acceptance. For the shelter.

Home is much more than a roof over our heads. It is the one place I know I can come back to. It is the feeling of love and acceptance and belonging. It is family and the strength to carry on. It is love. It is welcome. It is laughter and tears. It is familiarity… I can go on and on. Home is just so much more. And I have realized, it is not just a place. It is t all these feelings.

You know, growing up, I always wanted a fancy apartment. Beautiful, artsy, smart, nice neighborhood. Consequently, we moved and the new apartment was always better than the last. And the more the size of our family increased and the more we moved to better apartments, I realized that I always wanted more. And more. A more beautiful place. A bigger place. A more sophisticated place.

And today, as I stepped out and saw people lying under the bridges, smiling and joking around, living their life… I realized that ‘sophisticated neighbourhood’ is OVERRATED. A bigger house is OVERRATED. Everything I was dreaming of was just a farce, because I will always want more!

And don’t get me wrong. By all means, dream of bigger things. But, my darling, take the time out to be grateful for the little you have at the time. Believe me, someone, somewhere is wishing for that same thing at a point in time.

You know I always love to hear from you.

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