Wow! Its 2017. We made it!

2016 for me was a mixed year. It was rough. It was beautiful.

 I lost family. I lost friends. Some to death, some to life. I made mistakes. I fell. I cried.

But… I also laughed. Got back up. Made friends. Lived!

And it occurred to me that as crappy as we feel life could be, there is something, always, to be grateful for.

And today, first day of 2017, I’m grateful for life. For the gift of living. The opportunity to live and laugh and be friends with awesome people and listen to awesome music and eat awesome meals and cry and frown and be happy. Or be sad. Just…the opportunity to be something. To feel something. To learn something. To LIVE something.

And everyday for the rest of the year, I will be grateful for something!

That, I guess, is my New Year resolution.

Happy New Year!


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Love you guys!