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January 2017

Sorry? I Ain’t Sorry

Why should I be? No, but really, why should everyone be like you? Why should I be sorry for being too loud, or too smart, or too dumb, or too quiet. Stop interrupting my grinding! When would humans understand that... Continue Reading →


Nigerians and the ‘Am I Your Mate’ Syndrome…

Fact: You are not a Nigerian if you have not heard or said the phrase 'am I your mate' at least once in your life.     -Salziea's Blog, 2017 As a Nigerian, it is inevitable that you've asked someone... Continue Reading →

To all the Boys I’ve Loved before👔

So,  after yesterday's post,my friend hit me up to write an open letter to the boys. I am not a boy,  I laughed. But,he insisted. And since I've got a baby brother whom I'm always telling to do this and... Continue Reading →

To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before

This is an open letter to all the girls I've loved before. I might still be in love with you. Or not.  It's been three years I've lived in a girls' hostel. And it's been one hell of a roller... Continue Reading →

Days 18-26;Grateful for LEAVING THE LIMBO

Limbo. Limbo. Limbo It's all it says,  I try to hold on,  I lose my grasp,  Screeching, Limbo.  I scream at sorrow,  Growl at misery,  Frown at sadness,  Howl at luck, Limbo. It was close, The end of life as... Continue Reading →

Ramblings of a Single Pringle 

'And I'm thinking bout how... People fall in love in mysterious ways... ' I remember being teased about being single. So much so my nickname has become 'single pringle'. 😂  It gets old, you know,  always been at the receiving... Continue Reading →

Its 2017! Rape is NOT cool! 

I was privileged to do a thesis on rape and the concept of consent for my criminal law class. And in my work,  I wrote ‘In Africa,  rape thrives in secrecy due to the pretentious nature of the African people... Continue Reading →

Its 2017:The Year Of Saying It With Your Chest!

First and foremost, this isn't a sub. I'm no pussy! If I've got a problem with you, believe me, imma tell you to yo face. So, don't get it twisted and don't flatter yourself!  The phrase 'say it with your... Continue Reading →

Days 12-18: Grateful For SABR

Now, sabr literally translates to Patience. It is an Islamic term that could be interpreted to 'endurance', 'perseverance' and the likes. Personally, I like its 'persistence' meaning. Two weeks. Five courses. And I'm done with exams. The panic, the rush,... Continue Reading →

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