Life of a Confused Law Student

This is my second post in the ‘My Law Story’ series, written by a third-year law student, who happens to be a ‘friend’ of mine. Is this relatable? Thanks for stopping by. And drop a comment if you can.

Sitting lost and confused in Professor’s Yerima’s class on the Law of Tort, I watched how his lips mumbled and jumbled words fluently; concentrating unconsciously on his neatly dry-cleaned suit. Observing how passionately he taught, I could unequivocally conclude that he is the kind of lawyer my Mum would want me to become.
I never had the passion to study law as a lad. I probably only dreamed of being the richest man in Africa.
After applying for Law in Kogi State University and excellently passing my entrance exams( which was a feat my folks didn’t expect me to achieve), I started to have second thoughts on studying this dignified course; probably because I was a shitty introvert who loved to shy away from responsibilities. But like a thunder storm, my name appeared on the first admission list and so it began. I am a law student!
What are the benefits? Emmm… for now, I cannot categorically say there are any benefits I enjoy being a law student except the occasional hailing I receive when am fully dressed in my legal attire. hahaha. However, from night classes to rigorous studying and occasional visits to the library, I’ve come to the painful conclusion that the light is only at the end of the tunnel.
I have attended countless fixed classes, had the pain of listening attentively to long lectures which I found impossible to understand probably because am a very slow learner but day by day, I ask myself, “why do I keep doing this?” Maybe it’s because of the rate of injustice I see every day or probably it’s because I just want to know my goddamn societal inflicted rights.
I sincerely do not know, up to this moment, why I’m here. And although this is unethical to the philosophy of every basic law student, however, I know that I want to be a Lawyer just to make my Mother Proud.

Written by:

     Ikani Emmanuel, Marshall.

             300L, Kogi State University, Anyingba. Nigeria.