I want to share something with y’all. How it takes a second to realize something important you’ve missed for a long while.Something so obvious, so glaring you wonder how you’ve missed it all along. I realized something. I hope you realize something too.

So today, I wanted to be the good student. Woke up early, got smartly dressed, had breakfast and proceeded to class for my lecture.

The lecturer was about fifteen minutes late; to give us time to settle, I guess. I settled fine and waited. She was a few yards from the lecture theatre,it seems, when the rest of the class realized the time for catching up and fooling around was over and I was treated to an amusing show of my classmates scrambling around, trying to get seated before she steps in.

I was almost shoved as a particular friend of mine sat next to me, whispering urgently for me to move. I moved in a little and he hurriedly sat, elbowing me as he unbuttoned his suit and placed it on the desk. Good girl that I am, I smiled a greeting at him and rubbed my abused shoulder.

The good Dr.Mrs came in and the lecture started. It was an interesting one about Tortous liability- the best part about studying law,it seems to me, is the wonder of discovery. The beauty of learning new ways to protect innocent victims and I was very into it. And suddenly, Dre(my friend beside me) passed a paper to me. It was about football highlights. Like what! I’m not even a football fan.😬. I glared at him and he signalled to me to pass it on. I did. And went back to concentrating on the lecture.

A peculiar thing happened, however. In less than twenty minutes, the paper, that little paper had circulated round the entire class. And I took a minute to watch how it distracted every single person it got to- from those who were interested to those who weren’t. Until the good Dr.Mrs noticed ghe distraction and sent the poor victim whose hands the paper rested out of the class. And I realized something.

We glide through life, with the ‘I don’t care if it happens, so long as its not me’ attitude.’Let someone else take the fall for it’.’Let it affect someone else’.’Its not my place to say anything’.

A friend of mine always says ‘If not you, then who? If not now, then when?’ And in that minute, I understood fully the meaning of that statement. If I had taken a second to scold Dre,the paper wouldn’t have circulated thus far. An innocent person wouldn’t have been sent out of the class. And I wouldn’t have this feeling of immense guilt.

So,darlings, if you see something wrong with the world, fix it! Do not wait till it escalates, till someone gets hurt! Fix it! Now!Be the change you wish to see! If not you, then who?