‘Never have I ever disrespected a person.’ I said.

‘Yar. You implied your roommate was a dumb bitch just yesterday.’ Ran cried.

I sighed as I rowed harder.

‘That doesn’t even count. I didn’t even state it expressly.’

‘I can’t even start an argument with you. You’d just lose focus and the boat would topple over.’ Rab said from behind me.

‘I don’t lose my temper. Ever.’ I snapped back.

‘No,you don’t’. He said softly.

‘Don’t patronize me!’ I warned, as I waggled my finger at him, narrowing my eyes.

‘Yar. Watch ou…’

I smiled sheepishly as Ran dragged me out of the water.

‘Never have you NOT lost your temper,’ he said softly as he wrapped his arms around me.