They say you die twice; once when you stop breathing and the second time when people stop saying your name.

This quote spoke to me. Soon, very soon, we would be nothing but dust and bones- ashes to ashes, dust to dust-and memories to our loved ones.

At some point in life, we become overwhelmed with the things we should do; go to college, study hard, get a job, drive a car, own a private jet, have a mansion and etcetera. And then, we forget the things that really matter like friendship, family, making memories, living life…

And one day, just like that, you’ll be gone. With no one to say your name. And all these things you have lived for would be piled in an empty garage.

So, why don’t we just live today! Smile at strangers, talk to your friends, visit family. Make a difference. Make an impact.

Buddha said ‘The trouble is you think you have time.’

You really don’t. So live!

Just live!