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The coconut oil is a natural extract from the coconut.

In the past year, the hype over coconut oil became an obsession, especially amongst the womenfolk who have credited it with skin grooming effects. It has been described as a miracle worker that cures acne, pimple, damaged cuticles, chapped lips, dry skin, and lots others.

So, to justify the hype, I decided to find out myself. And what did I find out?

Coconut oil is not overrated!

Coconut oil is quite a do-it-all ingredient, versatile as well as healthy, and can be used in the following areas:

• BODY LOTION- Coconut oil has a moisturizing and nourishing effect on the skin. It has natural antioxidant properties making it great for stopping wrinkles and skin irritation. Slather coconut oil on your skin after a shower as its creamy texture makes it perfect for a glowing skin. The light tropical scent lingers on your skin after application which leaves you feeling all refreshed and, might I add, glamorous. Personally, I add a little bit of pure and refined shea butter or a few drops of lavender or safflower oil. This is for a soothing effect and of course, for the prevention of wrinkles, dryness and sagging of skin.


• AS UNDER-EYE CREAM-A dab of coconut oil just before bed provides a long-lasting hydration for the skin, leaving it gleaming with health. I always try to pay attention to the delicate skin under my eye, which is prone to dark circles and puffiness. Just a little pinch and rub and voila! My own under-eye cream.


• BATH OIL- A hot bath infused with a few drops of the oil has a deeply relaxing and moisturizing effect, leaving you with beautifully soft skin and a softly sophisticated scent. Its natural antioxidant property also makes it great for both preventing and stopping skin irritation.


• CHAPPED LIPS-Coconut oil, due it’s deeply hydrating and exquisite texture is recommended for curing chapped lips. Scoop a sizable quantity into an empty little jar, bottle or tin and dab it on with your finger intermittently.


• RAGGED CUTICLES AND DRY FEET- Its good news that you’re dabbing with your finger. Why? Because coconut oil is a cure for ragged, dissonant and shagged cuticles. I am quite fond of chewing on my nails when I’m in distress or nervous. Imagine my delight when I found out that my days of hiding my chewed out nails were over! Swipe an even amount of coconut oil onto each of your cuticles and allow it to sink in. Its ultra-hydrating effect strengthens your cuticles, making it look lighter and much more youthful. Also, apply on your feet to prevent and avoid dry feet.


• AFTER-SHAVE-Coconut oil is also a great after-shave. Apply before shave and watch the razor glide smoothly and after shave to prevent any rash.


• HAIR CARE-Apply coconut oil directly to your hair or as a mixture in your hair products to both prevent and cure dandruff, hair breaking and frizzed hair.


• ANTIBACTERIAL-Coconut oil has anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties which makes it beneficial for immune support. These properties also enable quick healing and disinfection of burns, scratches, injuries and infections. This applies to spots as well.


• ANTI-AGING-Its antioxidant element also enhances its function as an anti-aging facial moisturizer (Well hello, Hollywood).


• MASSAGE OIL-And of course, let’s not forget one of its most important function – as massage oil. Mixed with essential oils like sunflower, rosehip, calendula and a host of others, it sinks into the skin and gives off a relaxing and uplifting scent, all at once.


• NATURAL BODY DEODORANT- Coconut oil leaves you feeling like a tropical fruit after application because of its long-lasting and appealing scent. Its antibacterial properties also make it helpful in fighting body odor.

In using coconut oil, there is the option of using either the refined or unrefined kind. Personally, I prefer the unrefined coconut oil which is directly extracted from fresh coconut and has the highest antioxidant level and is higher in quality.
The refined coconut oil, on the other hand, is often bleached and heated and sometimes, deodorized. Also, quite as healthy, it does not have the benefits of the unrefined coconut oil.

Coconut oil has a high melting point. Therefore, it is solid at room temperature and melts when the temperature rises.
Coconut oil need not be refrigerated.
If it is in solid form and its purpose requires it to be melted, do not microwave (duh). It can be put in a bowl of hot water or placed above the fireplace. Or better still, placed outside in the sunshine.
Coconut oil really IS a wonder oil. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today!
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