Dream Writer

Perturbed and distressed about writing lies my friend. Wallowing in the fantasy of becoming a renowned writer. In his innermost recess are rhetorical questions (incessant to him); can I write? Am I proficient in grammar? Where will writing lead me? Do I have a mentor? Will I scale through? .Are all these questions rhetorical? To him it is a capital “Yes”, to me and great achievers there are not, if only he had put his pen in motion, for a Chinese saying goes thus; “the palest ink is more precious than the most retentive memory”. Writing is all about making known your views, arguments, the treasures embedded in ones heart. What uses are treasures if there are not explored??
Writing overtime has made many, living oracles even after death. Their name stand immortalized. I dare say known would say he doesn’t like to attain such fit. To those who have attained such fit lies in their path obstacles, bridges and different problems arising from burdensome, lack of necessary tools inter Alia. There stood on their fit, overcame those hurdles and the sky became their starting point, for they went beyond the skies. A writer can with word move the world a bit, if he knows how to write right. There is no gainsaying the fact that had it
being my dear friend gave a second thought, betterstil a third to it, he would have overcome and by now given answers to them, thereby unmasking the “myth” surrounding it. Or had it mean he put is pen in motion ab initio, the story by now will be one of “awe” and bewilderment.

Trailing the questions, Can he write? YES, he can. If only he had step sided his fears. Fear leads one to nothing. It draws you back. Drop the fear and start writing. Write anything “writeable”. Just write. Are you proficient in grammar? Do you need to be proficient in grammar before you write? Are you too big to make mistake? Write! Make the grammatical blunders! Improvement and grammatical prowess lies beneath your struggle.
Where will writing lead You? Ignorance, they say, is truly a disease (chronic one for that matter). Is Shakespeare your Kinsman? How come you know of his name and works? He was a great writer to reckon with. He gained notoriety and attained a lofty status. With his consistency came fortune and fame. Writing will lead you to joy, fame, fortune and wealth. Do I have a mentor? Is mentorship a yardstick for an apprentice’s success?? No, it isn’t. Hardwork they say pays. Work hard, write hard, and develop the passion to write. Who is Shakespeare’s Mentor? Known do I know. Will you scale through?? Yes, you will. Put in more effort, start writing, write, though it is daunting and at times boring but write. Fame and wealth will trace you. Be the world most prolific writer. You can and will make it, if only u retrace ur steps. Writing will take one a long way. Have you paused to ask yourself, Must I be reading other persons write up always? Are there Super-human? Write so that others will read, shower praises and exclaim in “awe” your proficiency in writing. It is your right to write. Convey your thought. Albert Einstein wrote aptly on all fields, we only know of that through his writings. He so much believed in his ink that he will stamp every of his thought with it. Be a better Einstein today.
Finally, Woe! Betide my friend, the dream writer! For, he will continue to rejoice in fantasy. I am a dream writer, mine being on the other side of the coin, envisaging a future of fortune, fame and wealth for I have started writing and I will write, write until I write right. For if you’re ready to learn the craft of writing, nobody can stop you. If you aren’t interested in writing, nobody can help you. I am much ready.